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Living for the weekend?

Everyone I know is busy, whether they are busy studying or working, busy caring for children or caring for pets. We all struggle to carve time out for ourselves and usually we’re left with only the weekends. I’ve decided to take some time and spend it in the slow lane, to experience and enjoy each weekend. Part of the fun for me is in sharing those adventures with other people. Dan is my co-conspirator and adventuring companion.

Bicycles Galore!

Over the last two months I took the helm of a narrow boat, learned to drive a tank and cycled around central London. Cycling around the streets of London was almost certainly the most scary and challenging of the three adventures. I was took part in the Space for Cycling event ¬†organised by the London Cycling Campaign, the event itself was well organised and I was proud to be one of the several thousand cyclists taking part in the event. I’d never cycled in London before, and I’m fortunate enough to live in a town with a pretty good cycling infrastructure, with dedicated traffic free cycle lanes. I’d like to see something similar for folks in London, so we can reduce the risks of accidents such as the unfortunate incident in Shoreditch which happened just a few hours before the Big Ride leaving a cyclist seriously injured & a motorist under arrest.

Dan is a commuter cyclist, so he knows his way around the capital and led the way from Waterloo to Park Lane where we joined the throng of people and fabulous variety of bicycles. It was a wonderful sunny day, slowly cycling around some of the well known sights, Hyde Park Corner, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Bridge eventually ending at the rally on the Embankment. If you were lucky enough to be in London you will know we had a very warm and sunny Saturday. Perfect weather for a slow exploration of Little Venice, cycling along the towpath to get to Paddington Basin where we met up with the narrow boat Somerset Joy and our hosts for the evening.